Photographers ID Birds Online with their Bird Photos.

I was on a bike ride with my daughter when I spotted two large birds in a marshy area not very  far off of the trail . I happen to have brought my camera along in case I saw something interesting to photograph so I quickly got off my bike and started to take pictures.  After  following these birds on foot, and snapping off lots of frames,  I decided I had a few photos that I would like to enter into the VotoArt cash contest.  The problem I faced was I did not know the names of the Birds.  Enter Merlins Beta Photo ID for birds.   A neighbor who new that I liked to photograph birds told me about this site where you upload a photo of a bird, answer a few questions, and it gives you the birds ID.  I went to the site Merlin Bird Photo ID . Merlin Bird Photo ID is an outgrowth of the Visipedia research project, engineers started about 5 years ago as a sort of “visual Wikipedia”. In short I was able to quickly identify the bird in my photo with zero stress or friction. The site was easy and fun to use. Here are the steps it took me through to identify my mystery bird.

Step 1  – click on the Start ButtonStep 1 Bird ID












Step 2 – Browse and select my PictureStep 2 Bird ID

Step 3 – Answer Two Simple Questions with drop down menus.Step 3

Step 4 – Click on the Bill, Eye, and Tail tip in the photo.

step 4

And up comes some photos for me to see and identify my bird with. Sandhill Crane



How easy is that!  So the next time you have a photo of an unidentified bird that you want to enter into the VotoArt Cash Photography contests just visit Merlin Bird Photo ID and get your answer.  To enter your bird in a VotoArt Cash contest Click Here

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