Pro Picks 2018 Vol 1 Scenery Winners pages 2-6

VotoArt Pro Picks 2018 Top 100 Scenery

Pro Picks 2018 Vol 1 Scenery Winners pg 2-6

In the next 10 Newsletters we will feature the winners of the prestigious VotoArt Scenery Pro Pics 2018 Award. These winners are titled with being the top 100, all time best scenery photos, uploaded to

The photos and credits of the winners will be published in the upcoming addition of the Pro Pics 2018 Scenery book collection by

Pro Pics 2018 Scenery Volumes 1-5 are a compilation of the top one hundred most outstanding scenery photos uploaded to images were elected among thousands by the VotoArt team using selective criteria. This Pro Pic book collection will soon be available for all contributing photographers to order as a personal promotion tool or to be displayed on their coffee table.

This highly esteemed award recognizes photographers for their excellent work and is designed to aid in individual promotion. Whether it is on display at the photographer’s home, or used as part of a portfolio for marketing, the Pro Pics book is both eye-catching and an impressive achievement. The Scenery series has five volumes, with twenty photos introduced in each. Each page will display one photographer’s photo, name, and their VotoArt portfolio link. The books themselves are high quality, lay-flat books with an eloquent soft feel. Volumes will soon be made available for order, both individually and as a collection, to photographers who have won the award.

First 5 Photographers of Vol 1