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Your Photography is Better Than You Think

inlefisher by sunset by Eric T'Kindt
Events & Celebrations Champion
“inlefisher by sunset”
by Eric T’Kindt
Are You the Next Big Winner?

You might be surprised! Most people are their own worst critic. People rarely see the true quality of their own photography. It’s easy to glance at someone else’s images and see the appeal, but so easy to look critically at our own photography and scrutinize the perceived flaws.

Eric T’Kindt is just oneĀ of many photographers who decided to let the VotoArt photography community be the judge. These photographers who chose to compete were rewarded with a total of $295 in WonUp Cash Contest award money last week. Perhaps more importantly, everyone participating received valuable feedback on their strengths, and possible areas where they can improve.

WonUp Cash Contests offer a head-to-head, 1-on-1 challenge against the current champion. The winner gets $5 and stays to compete against the next challenger. So, you only have to beat one photo to start winning money!

If your photo is defeated, don’t despair! The Weekly Cash Contest is your second chance. On Wednesday, we awarded nearly $250 worth of VotoArt credits, and this coming Wednesday, we’ll be awarding nearly $1,000 in VotoArt credits! Our biggest payout yet!

Get Off the Sidelines and Get in the Game