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Adding Wi-Fi Capabilities To Your DSLR

WEFE1.1-ORA_1008_72dpi_20150715There is a lot of buzz about the use of Wi-Fi and the new cameras that have Wi-Fi capabilities. This Blog is about how you can access those capabilities without having to buy a different camera if you already own a Canon or Nikon DSLR. I am not an expert on all the different types, styles and brands of cameras so I am only going to speak of my own experience in adding Wi-Fi capabilities to my Canon 7D. For me It was a fairly simple and cost effective way to get my photos to my laptop for editing or on my phone to be broadcast on social networks..

Here is what I used for my set up.

The device I used was XSories Weye Feye which can be found on Amazon.

I mounted it in the top camera shoe of my Canon 7D using this  Phone hot shoe camera mount.

I  used it with a Compatible Android smart phone and Mac Laptop.

camera and Weye Feye Set up

The Weye Feye came in a nice package and included the Weye Feye unit and a USB to Micro cord for charging. It did not include the charger so I had to use my phone charger. The battery to the unit was not charged so the first thing I had to do was charge the battery which was a four hour process. Once charged it lasted 6 to 8 hrs. While waiting for the battery to charge, I went to the Google play store and searched for Weye Feye and downloaded the free app to my phone and Lap top. The manual was not very useful but I was able to get the program up and running with a little effort. The Weye Feye itself cost $149 plus I spent $15 on the camera attachment. There are Velcro straps to attach the Weye Feye to your tripod if you do not want to have it attached directly to your camera. The clamp I purchased, was also useful when I wanted to use my phone for a live view instead of the cameras LCD screen  for shooting. So what else did I get for my  $150 investment?

I got an 80 meter reach from my Canon 7D to my Laptop. this allows me to shoot photos in a park and leave my Laptop locked safely in my car. When I am done shooting I can go to the car get my laptop and started selecting photos with my client.

I am now able to upload my photos directly to my phone so I can share them quickly on my social media channels.

I can control my camera remotely with my phone to get shots where I can not be next to my camera and still  get the shot.

hummingbird 0556 v1

I can now use my phone as a remote monitor for shooting unusual angles where before I would have  to get down on all fours or climb a ladder in order to see what I was shooting.


This is not meant to be a review of the Weye Feye unit so if you want more specific information about the Weye Feye you can go to their product pages on Amazon.

My purpose is to share something I tried in order to greatly increase my workflow and capabilities as a photographer. For me the benefits of Wi-Fi capabilities was well worth the $150 investment.  If you want to spend less money they have a $99 version called the Weye Feye S. It allows you to tether your camera to your phone, or laptop but does not give you the ability to control your camera with those devices.