The Key to Creative Success is Changing your Lens

keyRecently I went to a small Meet Up group for photographers where we all brought some of our latest photos to share with the group. I was amazed at the talent and creativity that I saw but I was even more amazed at how one of the best photographers was hesitant to show her own work.  Not because she thought it was bad  but because some “Experts” from a photography club had told her it was not good enough to merit their approval.  After the meeting I encouraged her to enter her work in one of the VotoArt contests where other people could vote on it and give her a different perspective.  As a photographer she needed to change the lens she was looking through to get a better perceptive of her own work.   Reluctantly she signed in at and entered her latest photo in the Cash WonUP contest.  That day she competed against another very successful photographer and won her first cash prize.   What a surprise that was to her.  As of this writing she won a second match up and remains the current WonUp Champion.  Will she continue to win until she has claimed the Maximum amount of $600? Maybe she will, maybe she won’t,  but she has already gained something far more valuable.  A healthy perspective. She almost let a few judges opinions  take her out of position for reaching her  potential as a photographer.  To be truly successful, we have to be willing to change our lenses and explore different perspectives. If we only allow what others think of our  work to drive our decisions, we are limiting ourselves to a single lens. Maybe the wrong lens.  The  VotoArt contests are a fun way to change your lens and discover  different perspectives about your photography.

Lots of people vote on VotoArt. Some you may agree with and some you may not, but that is the point. You get a chance to see through different lenses and explore multiple perspectives.

Like our photographer in the above story, here are some examples of things that could help you change  lenses and be successful as a photographer?

  • Don’t Assume there is only one perspective that is right. Don’t let the opinion of a so called expert discourage you from moving ahead.
  • Find a way to see from other perspectives. She was willing to put her photo on Votoart and found that not everyone agreed with the judges opinion about her work.
  • Don’t limit  your own perspective to a single solution. Like the photographer in the story take a risk and  put your stuff out there. is a great place to start.

Remember : It is easier to hit delete than it is to capture what you have already missed. -Dean Bennett-

Here is a video I found on Youtube that may serve as a good motivator for you if something is holding you back from being in that place of potential and opportunity.

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